Managing your cashflow is one of the most important but also time consuming tasks of running a business.

Whether you're making millions or pennies, you need to see where the business is going and monitor spend.

Financial Reporting

Analyzing the data

I can create forecasting templates and review processes to enable these reports to be maintained efficiently, helping you focus on building your business and knowing exactly where your business is heading.

Process Review

Creatives Discussing Project

The key to informative and efficient reporting is the processes that precede it.  I can review your current processes and adapt them where necessary to enable production of accurate reporting to management at the touch of a button.

Team Management

Similing Team

I pride myself on strong management skills and organisation to ensure teams are all pulling in the same direction in order to drive the business forward, to hit the goals and targets of each team and to individually feel important in what they bring.


Graph on Computer

Budgeting is a great way to keep your costs in check, to maintain sales and grow the business as per your plan.

I can create your templates and work with your team to build the annual budget and help the departments manage them.

System Implementation

Data on a Touch Pad

Proficient in Xero and Sage I can help you get the most out of your accountancy package.  If the one you have doesn't give you what you need as a business or you have outgrown it, then let me bring you the right package and manage the implementation to make the transition smooth and keep your business running.



Filing returns such as P11D's, VAT, CIS or making contact for support.

I can negotiate Time to Pay agreements or access information to ensure you are following guidelines.